As an entrepreneur / business owner, we face many of the same challenges as you and we know what it takes to successfully run a business.

We are the largest locally-owned bond only agency in Southern California.

Since bonds are all that we do, we are not subservient / controlled by any insurance department or distant corporate office.

Our experience ranges from that of a Home Office Underwriter to a Regional Manager to a Senior Underwriter, all for major bonding companies. We are underwriters first, not salesmen and we know how to get things done for you.

Maloney & Associates has developed our own unique underwriting system that is second to none. Online access / use of this system is offered to clients free of charge. This is by far the most sophisticated underwriting / tracking system in our industry (see the Technology page). Our commitment to technology allows us to respond to client needs with reflex-like speed. This enables us to recognize and solve problems in a like manner: Friction-Free Bonding.

We maintain close working relationships with those corporate executives and ultimate decision makers at the various bonding companies.

We specialize only in the bond business: we are committed to it and do it in an excellent fashion. Despite all of the recent corporate mergers and departures from our industry, we strive to keep the bond business a relationship-driven enterprise.

We deeply care for our clients business and your success is our success.

Our goals are help you achieve yours.



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