Maloney & Associates has assembled the most sophisticated Bond Underwriting System in the Surety Business. This system is unique to Maloney & Associates and access is made available to clients at no cost. Some of the principal benefits for clients are as follows:

  • Access to online, real time, up-to-the-minute status of your bond line-of-credit and available capacity remaining. No fluff / No B.S.
  • Access to our in-depth financial analysis, work-in-process and job trend analysis
  • Access to our many detailed reports relating to a client's bond history, historical premium costs and a detailed bid history.
  • Most importantly, our systems along with our experience and tremendous attention to detail allows us to address and solve potential bond problems / issues prior to the bonding company ever knowing of it. Yes, the bonding companies are our collective partners and our extraordinarliy proactive approach helps facilitate our goal of Friction Free Bonding.


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