RE: Surety Bonding - Developer

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you very much for contacting Maloney & Associates for your bonding needs.

As you may know, the process of bonding is that of credit extension. Thus, I will need some basic information relating to your company in order to approach a bond company on your behalf. Accordingly, please provide me with the below-listed items.

  • Copies of the past two fiscal year-end financial statements of the business. Your CPA should provide the most current financial information. Also, a copy of the most recent quarterly or monthly internal statement.

  • Attach the following information (if applicable).
    1. City or County approved Engineers Estimate of Improvements.
    2. Required Bond Forms.
    3. Subdivision Agreement
    4. Partnership Agreement or Operating Agreement.
    5. Family Trust(s).
    6. Resume on owners and key personnel.

Thank you very much for looking to Maloney & Associates for your bonding needs. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


John G. Maloney



CA Lic. #OB55425
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